Holistic Health Knowledge Saves Lives, but Good Law Prevents Damages, Repairs Injustices and is an instrument for Progressive Change and Holistic Wellbeing


The Institute's legally and medically trained staff assists health recipients, health-care professionals and attorneys/judges to better promote advanced & holistic medicine and to more efficiently protect themselves and those who willingly deviate from standards of allopathic and pharmaceutical "care" in order to pay heed to un-biased & innovative Science and the citizen's superior interests relative to equal, meaningful, safe, efficient and cost-friendly access to Basic Health, Fundamental Justice and the Nation's General Wellbeing.

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“(the right to privacy)…prevents the State from interfering with a person’s choice of treatment on the sole ground that the person has chosen a treatment which the State considers ineffective” (PEOPLE V PRIVITERA, 23 Cal 3d at 705 (1979) The HONORABLE JUDGE ROSE BIRD (ie, this judge is a cancer survivor, hence she is more sensitive to this question).